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Artist: Sham 69  Song Played: If the Kids Are United  Requested by: nzjoe  Dedication: All the old PUNKS!!    |    Artist: Marley, Bob  Song Played: Buffalo Soldier  Requested by: nzjoe  Dedication: Reggae Fans!    |    Artist: Flogging Molly  Song Played: Black Friday Rule  Requested by: nzjoe  Dedication: Drink up me harties!!    |    Artist: Sisters of Mercy, The  Song Played: Black Planet  Requested by: nzjoe  Dedication: It just feels right!!    |    Artist: Doves  Song Played: Spellbound  Requested by: mstr824  Dedication: thx Ed for new adds....you rock!    |    


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FA Site News

We had to make some changes with our new host which delayed us going live this weekend.

The good news is that everything now appears to be stable - and fast.  The Listen links are now working, as is the login and chat.

I hope to have at least one request system up by tomorrow.

I will leave the new site online, so feel free to use it.  A lot more features still to be activated.

One new feature that I am testing is the ability to login in to FA using your social media credentials.  Currently we have Facebook up and running.  Give it a try if you like.

You can still request on the www.flashbackalternatives.net site.

Thanks again for your patience.


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Runners Up: Information Society/INXS, Secession/Shriekback, The Railway Children/Roxy Music