Flashback Alternatives 2022 New Year’s Eve Dance Party

The world-famous Flashback Alternatives New Year’s Eve Dance Party returns with another spectacular evening! Eleven hours of non-stop Classic Alternative Dance Music with your favorite Flashback Alternatives DJs and Special Guests!

We get the party rolling on Saturday, December 31st, at 6:00 pm (ET) / 11:00 pm (GMT) with repeats running Sunday (1/1) at 4:00 am (ET) / 9:00 am (GMT) and Monday (1/2) at 10:00 am (ET) / 3:00 pm (GMT)! We will also have a special encore on Thursday, January 5th starting at 7:00 AM (ET) / 12:00 PM (GMT).

Flashback Alternatives New Year’s Eve Dance Party 2022 Show Schedule

Show Time (All Times Eastern)FA DJ
6pm – Saturday, December 31stDJ Oldman
7pmDJ DreamDoctor
8pmDrew Kenyon
9pmDJ ScareBearDan
10pmDJ Paolo
11pmDJ Formaldehyde
12am – Sunday, January 1stLimeygit
1amDJ George in DC
3amDJ Kenny
4amDJ Ed
First Encore 
5amDJ Oldman
6amDJ DreamDoctor
7amDrew Kenyon
8amDJ ScareBearDan
9amDJ Paolo
10amDJ Formaldehyde
12pmDJ George in DC
2pmDJ Kenny
3pmDJ Ed
Special Encore – Monday, 1/2/2023 
10amDJ Oldman
11amDJ DreamDoctor
12pmDrew Kenyon
1pmDJ ScareBearDan
2pmDJ Paolo
3pmDJ Formaldehyde
5pmDJ George in DC
7pmDJ Kenny
8pmDJ Ed

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