Sensoria with DJ Dreamdoctor

Toronto based club DJ and former DJ on college radio stations CFRE 91.9 FM & CIUT 89.5 FM, DJ Dreamdoctor has been entertaining you on Flashback Alternatives since the spring of 2020. Genres: new wave, classic and new alternative, postpunk, industrial, electro, alternative dance music, synthpop, Britpop, punk, powerpop, and beyond!

Sensoria with DJ Dreamdoctor offers you a tapestry of classic and new alternative music to stimulate your senses.  Turn it on. Turn it up. Free your mind. 

Sensoria with DJ Dreamdoctor airs at 9:00pm ET on the second, third and fourth Thursdays of each month, with repeats at Midnight, and again on the following Sunday at 9:00am ET.

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  1. Good morning, I caught the replay of one of your shows today and heard a version of Safety Dance that really had a more somber approach to the material. I tried searching for the cover and the closest I could find was Angel Olsen’s cover but the one you played had male vocals. I tried to check the playlist but it didn’t show any songs from your show there. Any chance you can share the artist information for that song?

  2. Hi. That was actually a new song by Men Without Hats called “No Friends Of Mine”. It’s from their 2021 EP called “Again, Pt. 1”. The EP is widely available for streaming / downloading. Thanks for listening !